The Journey

So where do I jump in? I graduated college a year and a half ago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism. May 2010 was a whirlwind for me, as I’m sure it is for most college graduates. My lease ended the day after graduation, I had no place to move, my first huge job interview was a few days away, I had another one a few days later, and I had plane tickets to Athens, Greece for July.

Fast forward to 2012.

I didn’t get the first job. I landed the second one (a journalism internship that I ended up hating). I moved three times within a two-mile radius. I studied abroad in Greece and had the time of life. I stayed in my college town for my boyfriend’s job. I got a job that I wasn’t excited about. I fell in love with the with the job (I take care of two awesome young men with developmental disabilities). I got the promotion that I didn’t think I wanted. I am good at the job I didn’t think I wanted. I signed another lease (this time the boyfriend signed because of my job). And now I’m stuck in a town I hate.

To make the best of being stuck in my college town I have been attempting to make my small two bedroom duplex into a home. The furniture all came from my parent’s or grandparent’s basement which means I ended up with a myriad of mismatched furniture. Luckily mismatched suits our style fairly well (except for one very ugly couch in the living room).

My style is comfy and understated. I decorate with books and memorable photos. My color palette is cool colors. My clean obsession means that everything I own has its own perfect place (the boyfriend has problems with this concept). My budget is small unless I’m in love with something. My goal: to make my house beautiful, to be happy, and to live the life I’ve dreamed of with the boyfriend and puppy along for the ride.


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