My style is plain. I don’t like embellishments. I don’t like graphics. I don’t like logos. I do like fun colors, accessories, jackets, and saving money. So I dye my own t-shirts. I buy 5 packs of plain ‘ole white men’s t-shirts and Rit Dye then go to town making the perfect t-shirt.

The great thing about dye is that the instructions are included giving you several different methods. I typically choose to dye in the washing machine because I like to throw in other items to dye (old towels that need a fresh new life, a shirt for the boyfriend, an old bleached rug, etc).

Today I just wanted to dye one shirt so I went with the stove method. It uses less water and it’s just as easy. However, it takes out the element of surprise. I love opening the washer to find my awesome new piece. Will the color saturate the piece? Will it be dark or light? Will it turn out splotchy?

The first step is soaking your shirt in hot water. This helps the color diffuse so that your piece won’t turn out splotchy. Rubber gloves are necessary unless you want dyed hands. You will also need a stirring apparatus.

Dissolve the dye in your water before adding your shirt. You’ll need enough water to cover your piece. I also used 2 tablespoons of salt in my water to concentrate the color even more.

Add your shirt and stir occasionally for 30 minutes or until the desired color is achieved. Remember some dye washes out after 1-2 washes.

I wanted it to be dark. So I used all of my dye and left it in the dye bath for 45 minutes.

Take it out of the dye bath and rinse it out until the water runs clear. Keep your bleach on hand because my lovely tan sink was  slightly more brown when I was done.

It’s in the dryer now. Beautiful brown t-shirt results to come tomorrow!

**I am not being paid to promote Rit Dye.**


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