Happy Monday everyone!

A couple of months ago I updated my bedroom with a new comforter. I hadn’t bought anything new since college so I thought it was time for something new. Plus we aren’t allowed to paint the white walls in our rented house so new bedding is the best and cheapest way to redesign the room.

I went with a clean color palette, white and grey, an easily changed palette with the simple addition of accent pillows, bright sheets or curtains, or  bright art to accentuate the room on a budget. After I bought the bedding I made the pillows with some fabric I had in my stash and decided the next step was DIY art.

I painted these after buying the bedding.

They were super easy to make and added some fun interest to the room. However, after staring at them for a few months I realized I wasn’t completely happy. I wanted to add a bit more dimension, height, and color.

So I chose to make a few more! I purchased 2 more canvases and some paint at the store and had everything else on hand making this is a very budget friendly project!

All you need for this project is a couple canvases, painter’s tape, paint, and a paintbrush.

First I went over each canvas with white paint because I wanted my lines to be crisp.

I decided to sneak in an “H” and “W” to represent our last names.

I cut the painter’s tape to make a few thin lines then spent about 5 minutes laying it down until I achieved the look I wanted.

I wanted my paintings to harmonize with the blue and green pillows so I went with a teal paint.

It’s important to make sure your tape is smoothed down so no paint escapes under the edge. If some does escape it’s super easy to touch up with some white paint when you’re done though.

When the paint is dry it’s time for the big reveal!

They turned out just perfect! I love the H and W.

Japhy was ready for me to pay attention to him. Lucky for him I was all done.

Cost breakdown:

8×10 Canvas = $5.00, Paint = $1.50

Painting all 4 cost under $15!! I love that I painted them plus if I am ever bored with them in the future I can paint them white again and start all over with something new!

What do you guys think? Do you like the colors?


3 thoughts on “DIY Art

  1. Hey Shannon, sweet DIY project! Love the art 🙂

    It’s weird, we both started blogs within the same week of each other! If you so desire mine is at

    Enjoy reading yours friend,


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