Safety Can Be Pretty Too

I have lived in this house on Shannon Lane 1.5 years now and I have wanted to do just about a million things to update it, make it safer, or make it prettier. But so many things have gotten in the way (i.e. my job, lack of sleep, lack of funds, etc).

So recently I found the time to start this blog as an outlet for all these ideas and to insure I carried them out so as not to disappoint my few readers thus far.

I love projects. I love the planning, buying the supplies, the creativity, the execution, and especially the results. I probably do a couple practical projects, crafty projects, or just plain necessary projects every week but I was never photographing them!

So a couple of days ago I did a very practical project, made it pretty, photographed it and the process, and started using it.

So here’s the explanation: Just about every house I have lived in with a sliding glass door has had a stick in it for extra safety. Why the door companies don’t install some sort of apparatus like this is ridiculous to me. It prevents intruders from getting in, it prevents me from breaking in when I’m locked out, and especially prevents my boyfriend getting out at 8am to take the dog out (that one really makes me laugh).

That is a door that is susceptible to burglars! I’m really not sure how many burglars are in my tiny town but I would rather be safe than sorry.

So I measured my door then found a simple piece of scrap wood (from designing and building my own entertainment center last year) in my garage.

Measure twice. Cut once.

Then my lovely boyfriend with a steadier hand than I drilled a nice hole to ease our stick removal frustration. Okay, removing the stick (which I know is more of a board but my family has always referred to it as the stick) is not that hard but that’s just the way all our door stick’s have been.

I had to paint it. I knew this project just wouldn’t feel complete without a little paint to give it some oomph. Plus I love painting things.

The final product is functional but has a bit of character which is exactly what I wanted.

Plus it matches my shoelaces!

Next week I am making a custom tray with glass tiles. Have I peaked your interest? Tune in Monday for the excitement!


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