Custom Serving Tray – Part 1

So last year for Christmas I was inspired, as it seems most were, to do a semi-homemade gift exchange. My mother is very hard to shop for so I knew that things I made with love would mean so much more to her.

One of my gifts was inspired by a tutorial on Design Sponge. The map etched tray, shown below, is absolutely gorgeous but not exactly what I wanted to do. 

I decided to use this as inspiration to make my own beautiful serving tray. It turned out gorgeous and my Mom and family loved it. Since Christmas I have been dying to make one for myself though. So last week I did just that and I’m going to share all the steps with my lovely readers!

First I went to Home Depot for supplies. I have done several woodworking projects with my grandfather who is a “jack-of-all-trades” carpenter, mechanic, bricklayer, metal worker, welder, designer, etc. Really, anything you can think of, he can do it. He taught me everything I know.

I decided to build my own custom frame because I was unable to find a gorgeous antique frame like the one used for the Design Sponge Tray. So I bought a 4×2 piece of MDF for $10 at Home Depot. The nice Home Depot man cut it into 4-1×2’s for the base of my tray. I can make 4 trays from this one piece which was awesome for my budget! (I will break down the budget at the end).

Then I found trim that I thought would suit the style of my project. I found one 8 foot piece for $5. Not bad. I measured my frame and used a hand saw to cut them down to size. My cuts were not exact so I sanded down my edges to make the perfect fit.

Once I cut all the edges of my frame I laid them out to paint. 

I used Behr Interior-Exterior Paint + Primer sample paint in Ultra Pure White. It was a cheap option for the amount of paint I needed plus I will most likely be serving food or drinks on this tray and this paint is stain resistant and does not run when cleaned.

I recommend applying about 3 coats of paint for a crisp color. I allowed them to dry then used Gorilla Wood Glue to attach the frame pieces to the MDF.

The glue is fast setting but I gave it time to dry overnight to really bond. On Wednesday I will be grouting glass tile in the middle! Because today’s outcome is not too exciting:

Here’s a preview of what’s to come on Wednesday!

Stay tuned for more Down Shannon Lane!


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