Custom Serving Tray – Part 2

If you didn’t tune in on Monday, I am in the midst of making a custom serving tray! Check out Custom Serving Tray – Part 1 to catch up where I left off.

I completed the frame and moved on to the pretty part – the glass tiles! I love cool colors and I love shopping on a budget so I checked out the clearance tiles at Home Depot and found this beautiful tile on sale.

Sorry folks, the lighting in the kitchen was not adequately showcasing my colorful tile when I was working on this at midnight the other night. The tile will look a million times more amazing in my final pictures.

Anyways, back to business. So I arranged my tiles in a way I found suitable. I bought  2-12×12 sheets of tile so I had to cut them down a tad and I had to use hand cutters to down some of them for the sides.

All in all it was an easy process to figure out. I was a tile virgin until I made one of these for my mom.

The next step is grouting! I bought a Pre-Mixed Adhesive & Grout combo because this a small project and the Home Depot man suggested it.

First I cleaned my surface. Then using a trowel, I spread a nice layer of grout in the middle of my tray.

In the interest of not wanting my grout to dry and not wanting my camera to be covered in grout I hastily placed most of my tile then remembered to grab a few pictures for you all. This step is pretty similar to gluing something down, you need to push the tiles down to get all the air bubbles out. Also don’t worry the grout won’t dry so you have time to perfect the tile placement.

Next you need to wait 24 hours for the grout to dry before grouting in between the tiles. I’m not going to make you guys wait for the next step this time though!

Using my trowel I spread out some grout all over my tile.

I have found that it’s easier to spread the grout around with my fingers so I threw on some latex gloves and spread out my grout.

I also used bamboo sticks to push it into the corners. The idea is to spread out an even layer between all the tiles.

Then using a sponge clean all the grout off of the tiles. This will take you several trips to the sink to wring out the sponge.

Now it needs to dry for 24 hours before the final step: Handles!

Tune in Friday for the last step and the big reveal!!


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