Custom Serving Tray – Part 3 – Final Reveal

So the last step has finally come! Tune into Custom Serving Tray – Part 1 and Part 2 to get caught up on the project.

I put together the frame, grouted the tile, and now we are to the final step: handles!

In order to make sure they were perfect I made a template with a spare piece of wood.

As you can see, it took me a few times to get my measurements and holes just right. I’m not the best at drilling and I definitely didn’t want wobbly handles so I took my time to get it just right.

Once the template was ready the drilling was a breeze! My grandpa taught me that it’s easier to mess up on a spare piece of wood than your project.

Then I used a countersink drill bit to cut a conical hole for each screw. This is important otherwise your screws will scrape up any surface that you place your tray on. After I screwed in the handles I placed a small piece of felt over each screw hole to protect my tables even more.

The last and FINAL step is sealing the grout. I bought plain ‘ole grout sealer and followed the directions on the back. Every product varies.

And FINALLY (Okay, not finally because it only took a few days to make) my project was done!!

I am beyond happy with how it turned out! It’s just perfect.

Currently it is a lovely centerpiece on my table but I can’t wait to use it for breakfast in bed, appetizers, drinks, display, magazines, tiny puzzles, and much more.

What do you all think? Was is worth the wait this week?

Below is the tray I made for my mother for Christmas. Using different trim, tiles, handles, and paint colors makes each one so unique.

I’m already planning to make more!

Now for the budget breakdown.

  • Materials=
  • 1-4×2 MDF = $10/4 = $2.50
  • Trim = $5.99
  • 4-Handles = $2.87×4 = $11.48
  • Tile = $3.67
  • Total Cost = $23.64
  • Other Materials=
  • Paint Sample = $2.94
  • Grout = $7.97
  • Grout Sealer = $3.57
  • Total Cost = $14.48

That fits my budget! I can use all of the other materials on several other projects which is awesome! I also had most of the tools on hand.

Thanks for tuning in. I am visiting family this weekend and I’m so excited to see everyone. I am the only member that lives far (250 miles) away.

Next week, I’ll be doing some painting, building a bookshelf, sharing funny pictures of my shaved dog (it’s getting way too hot for my fuzzy pup), and sharing an awesome video from my Greece trip! Come back for more Down Shannon Lane.


8 thoughts on “Custom Serving Tray – Part 3 – Final Reveal

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