My “New” Cameras

Hello all!

I visited my family this past weekend and borrowed my Dad’s old cameras. He was/is a great photographer. I remember him being behind this camera all the time when I was a little kid.

I am really interested in photography but don’t know all about it yet. Last weekend he taught me all about aperture, focus, lighting, shutter speed, ISO…..

I need a good photography book. I know that I could probably look it all up online but I’d rather thumb through a book. I love books.

The big guy on the right is a Kiev 88 made in Ukraine. I am definitely not ready to brave him yet.

The Pentax K1000 is calling my name though. I’m off to learn more!


12 thoughts on “My “New” Cameras

  1. As a photoenthusiast myself I applaud your willingness to learn photography. Take as many photos as you can and learn from other people’s photography. I learn more everyday checking out some of the talented individuals on wordpress. So if you’re interested in travel photography at all, perhaps my photos may inspire you. Good luck and happy shooting. Cheers.

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