Building With My Grandpa

Over the weekend, I visited my wonderful family, including my mother and kitty, Skate, shown below. The entire clan lives in my hometown except for me. So trips home are hectic trying to fill every spare minute seeing everyone.

Besides seeing family and friends I had several objectives to finish over four days: 1. Buy beads for an upcoming jewelry project to be featured here very soon, 2. Buy a children’s book at Barnes & Noble for a homemade Kindle Fire case also to be featured here very soon, 3. Find a gorgeous spring wreath at the flower shop where my mom works (she handmade me one in the end) also to be featured here soon, 4. Redesign my handcrafted desk into a bookshelf with the help of my amazing grandfather to be featured right now!

When I was in college I built these with my grandpa to save space in my teeny tiny first apartment. Well now I’m out of college, I have a little more space, and I blog from the couch, kitchen table, or bed rather than my old desk. So I asked Papa Joe if he would build two more shelves to make them identical.

I knew the answer before I asked the question, “Well…… I think we could do that.” Although I know he was thinking, “I can’t wait. That will give me something fun to do this weekend.” He’s a man of few words. I like that about him. We work together quietly. He shows me how things work and I try to remember everything he says. My little brother is the same way.

Little brother made a “J” out of spare wood while we were measuring and sawing. Papa Joe helped put it together then gave him an “A.”

He loves watching and learning but pretended to act thoroughly uninterested when he knew I was looking.

We successfully measured, sawed, glued, nailed, sanded, and waxed the new shelves and recut the side pieces. Then I hauled it all 300 miles back to my house and put them together.

I need to find a new place for my desk chair but I’m very pleased with the outcome.

What do you think? I have all kinds of projects in store for this week so stay tuned Down Shannon Lane.


4 thoughts on “Building With My Grandpa

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