Spring Wreath

So I just took down the last of my Christmas decorations this week. That’s pretty bad. The lights were on my porch railing for 4 months. I took down the garland last month but the festive lights decided to hang around. April starts Sunday so I officially decided enough was enough.

The good new is……

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming! Grass is growing! Because of all this a Spring wreath for my front door was in order. When I was home last week I mentioned this to my mom on a whim and she whisked me to the flower shop where she works to find me one. I looked at all their beautiful wreaths but couldn’t find the perfect one.

So she custom-made me one. When you can’t find exactly what you want you should make it! I picked out a nice plain one for her to embellish.

I picked out some nice plain flowers, got all the supplies, and set Mom to work.

I wish that I could soak up all her flower knowledge. She knows all about the different types, how much to water them, how to make fake ones look amazingly real, and this is just a fraction of everything she knows.

The white flowers above are freesia, my favorite flower.

It didn’t take much to start filling it out. Some moss and a handful of extra flowers jazzed it up right away.

Mother approved. Ready for the front door.

I love it! Thanks Mom! What do you guys think?

This weekend I’ll be doing some hiking, a few crafts, and a bit of relaxing. Tune in next week for more fun Down Shannon Lane.


2 thoughts on “Spring Wreath

    • Thanks so much! Hopefully you can find something. It took my Mom about 15 minutes to jazz up this one. Try finding a plain wreath at Hobby Lobby that you could embellish with flowers. There are so many fun ways to make a beautiful wreath. Good Luck!

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