The Pride of the Yankees

I would like to think that my boyfriend loves me most in the world but I think I come in a very close second place to baseball, more specifically the New York Yankees, or at worst a third place behind our dog. Japhy is pretty cute though. I don’t even blame David for that one.

David is one of those die-hard baseball fans that obsesses over the game year round. He despises winter and he tells me it’s because he hates cold weather, which is definitely true, but I think it’s mostly because there is no baseball. In fact to help him get through the freeze this year he started writing a baseball blog, The CutoffMan. Every year we attend a game when the Yankees play the Kansas City Royals and David goes ballistic over it. He talks about every player, every hit, every at bat, every play, etc…..

I, however, tend to miss the entire game while I’m watching other fans, looking at the pretty lights, eating my hot dog, reading about the players, etc….

I am the worst fan because I clap when everyone else does meaning I cheer for the wrong team half the time and I feel bad for the other team when they lose. But I always have fun!

Well in the interest of mutually enjoying the hobbies of my significant other more I decided to perpetuate his love of the Yankees by doing something I love: crafts. So for Christmas I gave him a bunch of Yankees memorabilia for his wall. He absolutely loved it! He couldn’t stop staring at it. It is so easy to give him gifts.

Well to me it still felt pretty incomplete. So I decided to paint something for him to add a bit of color.

I sketched out a part of the logo and set to work painting. To me it is simply a bat with a hat on it but to David it’s a symbol of something he loves.

Well if it’s possible I think he loves his wall even more than he already did. Luckily he is easy to please — anything with a Yankees symbol or logo is an immediate Home Run (sorry for the pun).

The good news: Baseball is finally back!!!! The season finally began last week with the unofficial Opening Day in Japan between the Mariners and Athletics so the cold depression in my house has finally thawed. I think I’m more excited about it than he is. No more sad boyfriend!

More crafts are coming this week. So hang around Down Shannon Lane readers.


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