The Best Day Ever – Memoirs from a Puppy

8-9 am – Wake up. Biding my time before waking up David.

9:00 am – Jump on top of David’s head. It is time to go!

9:15 am – Is it breakfast time yet?

10 am – Nap until everyone’s up and ready to go. I can’t wait to go outside. I hope they take me outside. I want to run and run and run forever.

10:30 am – Holy crap they are putting their shoes on!!! I hope we’re going somewhere. I want to go somewhere to play.

11 am – It’s official. We’re in the truck. We have to be going somewhere awesome!

11:04 am – This is awesome.

11:09 am – This is awesome.

11:16 am – This is awesome!

11:18 am – I love running!

11:22 am – Something smells awesome over there.

11:25 am – I love running!



12:48 pm – Holy crap there’s mud over there!

1 pm – Okay I am starting to get tired. These flowers smell nice though.

1 pm – Hop like a bunny through grass.

1:15 pm – Time to go….. Ride in the truck! I love the truck!

2-5 pm – Nap time……

6-9 pm – BBQ time. My best buddy is here to play. This is the best. I hope I get a tiny hamburger.

9 pm – Sleepy time on the couch. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

10 pm – Bedtime.

Notes from Shannon: Being a beloved family pet is probably the best thing ever. So wonderfully simple and happy. I want to be a cat or dog in my next life. Cheers for today readers!


2 thoughts on “The Best Day Ever – Memoirs from a Puppy

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