Exploring Greece

The summer following my college graduation in 2010 I studied abroad in Greece with a group of 19 students from my University and 3 professors.

I knew that the trip would be an amazing adventure but I had no idea that I would still be talking about the trip from day to day whether it be about the gracious Greek people, the beautiful sites around every corner, the memories made with new friends, the amazing things I learned about an ancient culture, or the gorgeous photos I took while there.

For our course credit we were required to research, write a paper, and do a presentation about anything in Greek history. There were students from several majors on the trip which translated to very diverse topics and a wealth of information aside from the knowledge learned from touring the country behind our lovely native tour guide.

For my project I chose to explore Greek dance. I have been dancing since I was four but never found an outlet to explore cultural dance and this seemed like an excellent opportunity. Well Greece delivered on amazing dance! On the second night in Athens we saw dancers at restaurant doing the exact combinations I had spent months reading about. A few days later after my paper presentation we went to a taverna that provided professional Greek dance entertainment and I made it on stage!

We even made it to a couple dance clubs but they only showcased awful popular American music and the type of dancing I experienced all through college, grinding. Being hit on by Macedonians will forever entertain me though.

So my love of dance was definitely covered but I thought that it would be awesome to use my degree, journalism, while there which meant interviewing my fellow classmates, taking 10,000 pictures, and compiling a video at the end of the trip. Hassling for the interviews was well worth it because I was left with an awesome lasting memory of the trip.

One of these days, most likely years from now, I’ll go back.

I want to walk through the bustling streets of the Plaka filled with tourist shops and quaint restaurants in Athens overshadowed by the Acropolis.

I want to watch the sunset from Lykavittos Hill.

I want to climb the Acrocorinth again.

I want to explore the monastery of Osias Loukas again.

I want authentic, delicious food. Although there is a Greek place in my hometown and it meets the standards pretty well.

I want to take all my friends with me.

Yes. I am definitely going back.


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