Oh, The Thinks You Can Think

Earlier this year I decided to spoil myself with a new toy. I am definitely not fueled by electronics but I’m very fascinated with them so I looked at the new iPods, new cameras, and more but I was mostly interested in an e-reader. I wasn’t quite so sure about e-readers because I love holding a book in my hands and I’m an obsessive book buyer but I decided to try it out.

Well after owning one for 3 months I can definitely say that I love it! I am one of those people that always carries one (or four) books with me everywhere. And let me tell you how many times it has come in handy when I have been stuck at a doctor’s office or had downtime at work or simply extra time to kill. Now I can easily carry several books around!

I am obsessed to no end with keeping my electronics in good shape too. (My computer has one scratch on top that drives me bonkers.) So right after I bought my Kindle I had to find a good case. I wanted one with character so I turned to Etsy and found this cover that I love.

However, being a blogger and DIYer, I had to take a shot at coming up with a fun alternate cover made by me! I was really interested in finding a nice case made from an actual book but they were incredibly expensive. So I searched my bookshelf, browsed book stores, and stopped at garage sales to find a good book that would be compatible size-wise, full of personality, and an excellent book.

Who can resist Dr. Seuss?

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think fit the bill at $5 on sale, slightly large size-wise, but perfectly me with personality.

I started by using exacto knife to cut out the book pages. Be careful that you don’t cut all the way through the spine depending on the thickness of your e-reader. I did cut through for mine though.

I was left with the outer pages which I thought about keeping in but eventually ripped out after a few test trials when I realized that these pages are not exactly super glued in.

I overlapped the spine of the book with the back cover in order to make a smaller middle. I did not take a picture of this step so sorry if that made no sense. Essentially I put super glue on the strip of cardboard in the middle and glued the left edge of the back cover down to it. Next I pulled out my brightest fabric scraps to make the middle.

So many good choices! I measured enough fabric to cover the inside then hemmed an edge around the side. I also measured out my elastic and pinned everything together before pulling out my sewing machine. Note: I am not the most spectacular seamstress but I am very good at sewing a straight line.

Once my piece was sewn I mod podged and super glued it to the inside of the book.

I considered attempting to sew through the cardboard but I still wanted the book to look like a book on the outside instead of a crazy frankenstein project.

I think it turned out pretty well! 

I can even read the Dr. Seuss book on my Kindle!

Later this week I will be adding a closure for it that will also function as a stand. I’m still working out the kinks though.

Budget Breakdown: This project only cost me $5 for the book! All the other materials and tools were on hand. Covers like this cost $50-$100 on Etsy and Amazon! I love that mine is custom made. I love that I could make a new one with a completely different book at a reasonable budget. I love Dr. Seuss! I love reading!

Thanks for reading today. Stay tuned for more Down Shannon Lane.


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