Nothing Compares to the Simple Pleasure of Riding a Bike

Riding bikes makes me feel carefree like nothing can touch me as long as I can keep peddling. It’s a great stress, sadness, worry, or anger reliever. But most of all, it’s fun!

It’s even better when you’re riding through bubbles according to my wise 3-year-old friend. And she is definitely right.

David and I both got new bikes last summer and we have been dying for nice bike riding weather. Well a few weeks ago it finally came!

We live in a tiny town making it easy to access anything with a set of wheels underneath. But we mostly like riding for fun or exercise. Japhy loves chasing us on our bikes but he’s a little too cavalier with the space between him and the tires. After two near crashes he finally decided to run far, far behind. Can you spot him?

The boys I work with are both mad about bikes too. One of them talks about his bike day and night, in his sleep, while riding them, during dinner, before bed….. basically ALL the time! Last week we had a chance to get a new one for them and I jumped at the chance to put it together!

The task was particularly daunting when the parts were strewn about my living room but once I dissected the instruction booklet everything began to come together.

Once all the wheels were attached it was time for the big reveal!

The instruction confusion was definitely worth it for the smile on both their faces when they got to ride it.

Ok, I know they don’t look that excited in the last two pictures but this new bike is really awesome. I don’t blame them for staring at it.

Well I’m tired of being inside I’m off to ride! I hope you’re all dusting off the handlebars of your bikes now. See you out there! Stay tuned for more Down Shannon Lane.


2 thoughts on “Nothing Compares to the Simple Pleasure of Riding a Bike

  1. I love bike riding and my husband and I put our two boys (4 and 2) in our double-trailer and try to get out cycling most weekends. We’re getting more and better cycleways here in Sydney thanks to a forward thinking Lord Mayor of Sydney.

    • Thanks for the comment! We have pretty terrible cycleways on the other side of the world in Missouri, USA but we manage to make due. Enjoy riding!
      I checked out your blog and I am also a journalist. However I am on a hiatus from journalism due to the hardships of finding a job. Luckily the blog world has been the answer for my thoughts and ideas as it seems to have done for you as well.

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