DIY Picture Wall

I’ve had posters on my walls my whole life. When I was young I had “Cute Kitten” posters that said things like, “Hang in There” or “Smile Everyday.” In high school I decorated my room with photos of best friends, posters of my favorite bands, and keepsakes I had collected.

In college I managed to mesh my style with my roommate’s including art posters, band posters, pictures of friends, and collages.

Now that I have graduated, moved in with my boyfriend, and fully matured to an adult, at least I like to think I’m an adult now, I have cultivated a homey style of sorts. We still have a few posters here and there.

We have paintings in every single room of the house created by Karen Schneider, my mom’s best friend who is basically my other mother. She recently took up painting again and I can’t see why she ever stopped. Her watercolors are beautiful.

We mostly decorate with books that we love and things that we love. So I decided to trade out an old poster for some personal photos that I have taken recently.

Last weekend I went to St. Louis to visit friends and shop for bridesmaid dresses for a college friend’s September wedding. It was an amazing weekend! Plus it meant that I could hit a few big box stores that aren’t anywhere near my tiny town. Hobby Lobby was the first stop. I had a couple of must-haves on my list including picture frames for a fun project which delightfully happened to be half off on clearance!

I brought them home with me and spray painted them a rich brown. They are going up on the wall and I want them to match as well as bring out the beautiful colors in the photos I chose.

After drying for a couple of hours I brought them inside to hang.

My surefire way to hang the arrangement is to make a template.

I rearranged them a few times then settled for the arrangement my boyfriend voted on.

I marked the template where I wanted each picture to hang then held it up to the wall to put my nails in.

These templates can be bought but I have found that it is just as easy to use a box or bug piece of paper. Then you pull the template off the wall leaving all the nails in.

A couple of my pictures were not meant to hang on the wall. So I used a nail-in picture hanger and removed the stands from the backs so the photos would hang flush against the wall.

Next was the simple step: Hang them all up! I am so happy with the turnout. All the pictures remind me of somewhere beautiful that I love: 1. Creek on my parent’s land, 2. Durango, CO, my dream city, 3. The pond at my parents, 4. Forest Lake in my current town, and last but not least 5. My amazing dog.

I just love the way the rich brown paint brings out all the best details of my photos. I considered painting each one a different color but I wanted a cohesive look and I’m very happy I decided on brown.

The best thing about this project is the price. All the frames were on sale for 50% off coming to $15 plus $3 for the spray paint. Under $20! That makes me love it even more! What do you think?

I hope you’re all having a good week readers! Stay tuned for more Down Shannon Lane.


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