DIY Dog Bowls

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the most basic physiological human needs are food, water, and shelter. We fight for them, we work for them, or, in my dog’s case, you smile, whine, bark, scratch, and pester until those needs are met.

My dog is a water bowl scratcher. He seems to believe that the harder he scratches the faster he will activate a well in the bottom of his bowl. He scratches and scratches then he scratches some more. Well I am sick of the scratching so I decided to stop it in a crafty, Down Shannon Lane way.

I picked up some plain white bowls and blue paint at the store. When I was in college I painted some bar stools for my boyfriend’s fraternity. It was so much fun and so easy to give them something personalized. I also painted shot glasses for all 20 of them so I have some expertise on glass painting.

Once I came up with a design I began painting. I do not have the best handwriting so I am a huge painting perfectionist.

I had to include the Yankees symbol for my baseball-obsessed boyfriend. I am watching a lot of baseball with him lately so I couldn’t forget about the Yankees.

Dog approved! And that’s what matters most in our house. If he’s happy we’re all happy.

And, of course, there’s nothing like a nap after a good meal. I’m sure new bowls had nothing to do with it. To him, the container doesn’t matter as much what is in it.

If you tuned in on Monday I wrote about refinishing my coffee table. Well the sanding is taking longer than I thought. The stain really wants to hang around in those nooks and crannies. I’m hoping to finish by Friday.

Hope to see you then!


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