DIY Memo Chalkboard

Last week I convinced David to go Antique Mall shopping with me. The trip was mostly unsuccessful ending with only one purchase and an idea in the back of my head. I purchased this old window for only $5!

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Taking Care of “Organizing the House”

Messy spaces drive me bonkers. Ask my boyfriend. I like for everything I own to have a spot. Books go on certain shelves according to topic, color, size, etc. My clothes have to be hung in color and sleeve length order. My pantry is categorized by food type. The one place in the house that I allow messiness to take over? My junk drawers. So, ready to see something that embarrasses me? Don’t judge me!

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A Simple Fix

A couple of months ago my Dad gave me his old camera equipment. A Pentax K1000, a Kiev 88, a light meter, filters, flash, extra lenses…. The one thing that wasn’t in his old camera bag? A camera strap. I didn’t really think it an issue until I realized that I am an active photographer. Most of my pictures are taken of moving objects while moving. I considered making a pretty one for fun but decided that I needed something sturdy rather than pretty. So I found a plain ‘ole strap on sale at Walmart last week – $4! The problem? It’s too thick for the tiny holes on the camera.

So I improvised.

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What’s In A Name?

Well, she has a name! We made a looonnnggg list. We tried a few out. Then suddenly David said “……..” and it fits. I didn’t have to think twice about it.

So meet……..

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Biking the Katy Trail

We packed up the car the night before. We barely slept in anticipation. We rose at 7 and left by 7:45.

We hit our destination, Rocheport, Missouri, at 9:45 ready to go. Rocheport is one of those tiny, population 259, historic, antique towns.

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Pistachio or Pachanga?

Well it’s a healthy, 8 week old, girl kitten.

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Biking with our Puppy

We love, love, love riding bikes. When our tiny town is vacated by 5,000 college students headed out for summer you can bike anywhere and everywhere. It’s awesome. The problem? We have to leave our cute little puppy at home….

Well, David and I are planning a bike ride on the Katy Trail, a wonderful bike trail crossing Missouri, this weekend and we don’t want to leave the dog at home. We’re going to camp, hike, build a campfire…. It’s going to be a blast that he has to be a part of. But he is definitely not learning how to run on a leash with bikes so we came up with another plan. How about building a bike trailer?! No, too expensive, time-consuming, blah, blah, blah. So we bought one!

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Life Isn’t Worth Living Unless You’re Doing Something You Love

Recently, in my job searching I have been forced to decide what jobs I would love, excel at, tolerate, hate, etc. So I made a list with the boyfriend, inspired by the season finale of Parks & Recreation! Again, if you’re not watching then you should definitely start.

We wrote down our interests, places we’d like to live, things we’re already good at, and, eventually, what jobs we would like. My list is pretty varied but similar. I have a B.A. in Journalism, I like writing, reading, designing, blogging, crafting, I work well in a fast-paced environment, and I love, love, love working around people. I am willing to try anything but ultimately I would like to be happy with my career.

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“Taking Care” of the House – Week 4

I am a day late with this week’s installment in my “Taking Care Series.” I had a crazy work week so I barely noticed when Friday finally arrived. I had a bunch of budding ideas but I simply could not choose a favorite until I read one of my favorite blogs, Dream Green DIY, to find that she had the exact same idea: rearranging!

After several rearranging mishaps in college, namely dropping a bunk bed on my roommate’s head freshman year, I learned that it is important to have a plan, and strong friends, before moving things around. In college, this meant 1) measuring everything, 2) cutting out furniture shapes, 3) drawing up the plans, and 4) rearranging the paper shapes. Trust me, that takes lots of time. So a few years ago, I found this Room Planner website by Icovia that makes it super easy to come up with a design. If I could fancy up the designs this would feel exactly like Hidden Potential on HGTV.

Current Living Room Floor Plan

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Taking Care – Week 4 Preview

Hi everyone! This week for my take care series I have been taking care of my house. I had the day off today so I’ve been busy but not quite done with what I have planned. So let me tell you what to look forward to tomorrow!

Some rearranging is in order….

Current Living Room Floor Plan

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