Weekend in the City

I am fascinated by big cities. I grew up on 60 acres of land outside a relatively big city. Said city has plenty of tourist spots, nice stores, beautiful parks, etc. But that city does not have skyscrapers.

I am absolutely fascinated by skyscrapers.

My baseball-obsessed boyfriend convinced me to go to Kansas City last weekend to see his favorite team, the New York Yankees. I brought a friend along and while David went to the Saturday game we wandered around downtown.

Kansas City has a beautiful downtown area. The architecture is gorgeous. It is well taken care of. It is easy to navigate. Within a couple blocks we found a huge convention center, government buildings, party hot spots, restaurants, beautiful hotels, an amazing gourmet grocery store, and there was so much more around every corner that we didn’t get to explore.

Fountains are apparently a popular installation in Kansas City.

Standing by the fountains at the Royals game is the best view on a hot summer night. It’s also the best place to stand when you sneak in during the 8th inning. Unlucky for us, thunder and lightning threatened the Sunday game we were all attending. Darn spring weather!

But luckily, in true Missouri weather fashion, it dispersed by first pitch.

We had an awesome view from the seats we found on Craigslist the morning of the game. It was so much fun to see all of my favorite players playing so close. Seeing the game in person is so much more fun than watching on tv. I love the atmosphere, the people watching, the game, the silly between-inning games, the view, and the food.

The game was a blowout. Yankees won 10-4. The Royals managed to win 2 of the 4 games in the series, the only 2 wins the Royals have at home. The Royals fans are such good sports though. I cheered for both teams in appreciation of good baseball throughout the game and I wasn’t the only one.

At the end of the trip, heading back to my little college town was not welcome. Small town Missouri is not challenging enough. There are few cultural, intellectual, interesting, entertaining experiences to be had. So I am more and more motivated to find a new beginning and I can’t wait.

I have all kinds of projects planned for this week so stay tuned at Down Shannon Lane.


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