Refinished Coffee Table

My Refinishing Project is FINALLY done!! I started a couple of weeks ago thinking that it would be a breeze to sand and stain. Boy, was I wrong. Sanding took several days. Then I spent a lot of time at the store looking for a good thinner to get the nooks and crannies. Then I spent a lot of time, a.k.a. 3 products later, failing. The final step took only 2 days: staining and applying the protective finish.

AND now it’s done!!!! I’m so happy with the final result. It’s gorgeous. Before, you couldn’t see the beautiful wood. I love the way the stain accentuates the cherry in the wood. I love the beautiful sheen. All in all, I just love it!

My mom bought this table 30 years ago for about $20. Hopefully it lasts another 30. Maybe I’ll be giving it to one of my kids for their college apartment by then. So here’s to another 30 years!

I spent no money on this project. Woohoo! I already had the sander, plenty of sandpaper, and the stain, which I used on the entertainment center I built earlier this year. I love saving money! The only investment was time, lots and lots of it. But it was definitely worth it.


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