“Taking Care” of the House – Week 4

I am a day late with this week’s installment in my “Taking Care Series.” I had a crazy work week so I barely noticed when Friday finally arrived. I had a bunch of budding ideas but I simply could not choose a favorite until I read one of my favorite blogs, Dream Green DIY, to find that she had the exact same idea: rearranging!

After several rearranging mishaps in college, namely dropping a bunk bed on my roommate’s head freshman year, I learned that it is important to have a plan, and strong friends, before moving things around. In college, this meant 1) measuring everything, 2) cutting out furniture shapes, 3) drawing up the plans, and 4) rearranging the paper shapes. Trust me, that takes lots of time. So a few years ago, I found this Room Planner website by Icovia that makes it super easy to come up with a design. If I could fancy up the designs this would feel exactly like Hidden Potential on HGTV.

Current Living Room Floor Plan

All pictures above are pretty old. I was too excited to start moving things that I forgot to take a couple before shorts. Alas, I measured everything, input it on the website, started to play with my layout, and came up with a few options.

Idea #1 requires me to move around half of the furniture which happen to be the easiest ones to move.

Idea #1

Idea #2 requires me to move everything and I’m pretty unsure about the couch placement.

Idea #2

So I went with Idea #1 and hoped that the change, while seemingly small, could appear to be drastic. The result: I love it!

The couch and chair make a conversation area now instead of both facing the television. There is still plenty of floorspace. And, most importantly, it’s puppy approved!

This is what happens when you ask your boyfriend to move for photos right when the Yankees game is starting.

I want to find a table to put behind the couch for keys, mail, etc but I have struck out so far. Perhaps I’ll have to build something.

I love this rearrangement so much that I can’t believe I lived with it the old way for so long. I guess this way will start to annoy me eventually. I also decided to incorporate some beautiful flowers in the room. There’s something to say for fresh-cut flowers. They make me happy, they smell beautiful, and they add some much-needed color.

Flowers add beauty but my houseplants do some real work. Houseplants filter the air, produce oxygen from CO2, but also absorb benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. All of that sounds fantastic to me so I pick up random plants all the time, especially if they are very hard for me to kill as I can tend to neglect them.

I have about 8 plants throughout the house including bamboo, succulents, a fittonia exotic angel plant, a dracaena tree, a money tree, etc.

At the end of the day I decided to settle down in my newly rearranged living room for one of my favorite summer snacks: strawberry shortcake!

I hope you’re having a good weekend. My sidekick and I are off on another adventure!


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