Life Isn’t Worth Living Unless You’re Doing Something You Love

Recently, in my job searching I have been forced to decide what jobs I would love, excel at, tolerate, hate, etc. So I made a list with the boyfriend, inspired by the season finale of Parks & Recreation! Again, if you’re not watching then you should definitely start.

We wrote down our interests, places we’d like to live, things we’re already good at, and, eventually, what jobs we would like. My list is pretty varied but similar. I have a B.A. in Journalism, I like writing, reading, designing, blogging, crafting, I work well in a fast-paced environment, and I love, love, love working around people. I am willing to try anything but ultimately I would like to be happy with my career.

David’s list cited his love for baseball, keeping active, history, reading, writing, among others. His dream job? Working with baseball in some shape or form. His love for the game, the strategy, the players, and the technique, is astounding. He loves watching as many games as possible studying defense, following players, watching plays…. He is not just a sports fan. This commitment is serious. The good part? He pushes me to discover my true passions because he is so sure of his.

So today I decided to do something a little baseball, specifically Yankees for him. If you remember, I created a Yankees wall for him in his man room earlier this year, and I’m going to add something to it that he will love. His parents are attempting to sell their house so he was given all his childhood belongings recently (hello adorable kid photos!) including a New York Yankees mechanical pencil and pen that his grandpa bought in 1943.

They still work but we decided that it would be best to display them along with the certificate signed by his grandfather. So I set to work on beautifying a shadow box. I sewed some spare fabric to anchor the pieces and add interest then I placed them in the box. Quite a simple project for such an amazing outcome! The pieces speak for themselves, they just needed an extra oomph to stand out.

The writing utensils came with a book of stamps but I’m guessing they’ve been used in the last 70 years.

My favorite part about finishing new pieces is finding the perfect spot for them.

I thought the shadow box was too lost above. Yes, David does have a stuffed pheasant in front of an American flag in his room. It’s pretty America in there. Baseball, flags, hunting, oh my!

I think hanging the box on the wall is the perfect place. It fits right in with everything else!

David loves it so therefore I love it.

I may not know exactly what I want to do, like so many others, but I can’t wait to figure it out so I can have a chance to love my career the way that he loves baseball.

Any suggestions for job searching? Expanding your horizons? Making huge life choices?


2 thoughts on “Life Isn’t Worth Living Unless You’re Doing Something You Love

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