Biking with our Puppy

We love, love, love riding bikes. When our tiny town is vacated by 5,000 college students headed out for summer you can bike anywhere and everywhere. It’s awesome. The problem? We have to leave our cute little puppy at home….

Well, David and I are planning a bike ride on the Katy Trail, a wonderful bike trail crossing Missouri, this weekend and we don’t want to leave the dog at home. We’re going to camp, hike, build a campfire…. It’s going to be a blast that he has to be a part of. But he is definitely not learning how to run on a leash with bikes so we came up with another plan. How about building a bike trailer?! No, too expensive, time-consuming, blah, blah, blah. So we bought one!

It’s made for kids but the price was right and several of the reviews were from people using it for dogs. It holds 100 pounds and Japhy only weighs 20. Also, it was crazy easy to put together.

What’s more, he actually likes it!

So I was sitting in my front yard thinking about what I would write today to go with the pictures I took while the boys continued to test out the new trailer up and down the street. It was going to start something like this, “My whole life I have been a cat person. They’re low maintenance, cuddly, soft, essentially they take care of themselves except for the human giving them food and love.” Sounds pretty good, right?

Here’s what I was going to add next, “My boyfriend is a dog person. He loves training them, wrestling, playing, cuddling, petting, essentially loving on them. He’s allergic to cats so I simply accepted that we would have dogs until finding a living situation that would accommodate an indoor-outdoor cat. Well he picked us out a pretty perfect dog, Japhy, who is conveniently very cat-like. I’m definitely still in love with cats but Japhy is a good alternative. Plus the fun part about dogs is they love doing everything with you. It’s what makes them such great companions. Yeah, I guess I can accept just having an adorable puppy.”

Well this is when the process gets derailed. A tiny kitten walks through the yard and climbs into my lap.

And now he’s following me everywhere. (Don’t kill me, Mom.) Not sure if we have more than one two-legged creature yet. He’s going to the vet tomorrow and I’m posting a few signs to make sure he doesn’t already have a home. But all I have to say is: Look how cute he is! All I know is, he will not be a good biking companion but he looks pretty cuddly.


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