Pistachio or Pachanga?

Well it’s a healthy, 8 week old, girl kitten.

Japhy is not on board though. He’s keeping his distance. He’s seen the claws.

I don’t blame little no name though. Japhy’s head is twice as big as her.

She’s playful….

and talkative.

We are tentatively keeping her until we know if the boyfriend is allergic or if Japhy will accept the new friend. He wants to play with her but she’s just so small. She is keeping him at bay with hissing and claws. There is all kinds of jealousy going on in this house.

But what to name her?

David’s ideas so far are unrealistic. If it were up to him we would have a girl cat named “Fletcher” or “Pancakes.” The list is now reaching 20 choices. It’s going to take forever to name her.


3 thoughts on “Pistachio or Pachanga?

  1. My sisters had cats named Plump and Spot – for some reason the girls (incorrectly) thought the cats females. The cats became rather large around the middle and the little girls became expectant grandmothers for years. Unlearned in the area of feline gestation periods, their hope for kittens lasted for years – until someone told them the cats were males. Devistation! It was probably a good thing the names were sorta male-ish names in the first place. What if they had named them Lucy and Cynthia?!?

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