Biking the Katy Trail

We packed up the car the night before. We barely slept in anticipation. We rose at 7 and left by 7:45.

We hit our destination, Rocheport, Missouri, at 9:45 ready to go. Rocheport is one of those tiny, population 259, historic, antique towns.

It’s a popular starting point for the 225 mile trail crossing Missouri. The trail was already bustling with walkers and riders enjoying the cool weather before the sun came up. We were on the same page. Let’s go!

Japhy spent much of the ride whining that he couldn’t get out to run. He was dying to chase bikes, sniff everything, mark everything, and race around like a maniac.

I kept up with the boys while taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

We managed the first 10 miles in under an hour without stopping. Each town boasts history of the area, a map of the trail, bathrooms, and a list of amenities offered in the town.

Four more miles and we hit Boonville, Missouri, our turn-around point. We were still feeling pretty awesome after 13.5 miles.

After the third application of 50 SPF we headed back the other way. My fair skin was ready to be out of the sun and shade was sparse.

Our stops were a bit more frequent on the way back. It was getting hot and pulling Japhy was getting tiresome for David. Twenty-two miles down, five to go!

Rocheport is famous for its MKT Tunnel constructed in 1892, the only tunnel on the Missouri, Kansas, Texas railroad. We spent the last 3 miles begging for the tunnel to come into view.

We made it 27 miles! Feeling sunburnt, our backs aching, and legs cramping we fell to the ground. We didn’t hesitate to find a place to grab a drink and a bite to eat. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more refreshing lemonade.

It was only 4 p.m. and it was hours until dusk. Camping sounded horrible. A shower sounded amazing. So we headed toward home barely keeping our eyes open and heads up. I don’t think any of us have ever slept better.


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