What’s In A Name?

Well, she has a name! We made a looonnnggg list. We tried a few out. Then suddenly David said “……..” and it fits. I didn’t have to think twice about it.

So meet……..


I spent a couple of days last week being very practical about my choice to keep her. Could I afford it? How will Japhy deal with her? What if David is allergic? We don’t know where we’ll be living in 2 months…. She is long-haired. Two long-haired pets…. She is so good though. She’s playful but not crazy. She doesn’t scratch or bite. She’s cute. Plus Japhy finally likes her.

And most importantly, David has decided to get along with her as well.

We decided to slowly let her explore the house meaning that Japhy slowly got to watch her every single move. He acted odd for days. No interest in treats, no tricks, no tennis ball playing, no playing outside.

David thought he’d never act the same again. But my sweet puppy is back to normal except for the fuzzy thing that he has claimed as a toy to chew on, little sister to bully and take care of, and a pal to spend time with.

We have decided to train her as an outdoor-indoor kitty. I hate litter boxes and she likes being outside so it seems like the best option. Since she is so young I have put a litter box inside for the time being.

Her setup reminds me of “Littlest Pet Shop” kitties from my childhood. Can you believe I played with this little toy all the time?! If only I had 5 more cats…..

It is super easy to train a cat this way. When she gets older I will move the litter box outside and leave her out then I’ll take it away completely in a couple of months. For now, I take her out if I catch her digging away in the litter box.

She loves climbing. Japhy is very jealous of this talent.

In the end I chose happiness. I love cats and I’ve always wanted one of my own. I figured out the money. Japhy and David are both on board. Most importantly, she chose us to love. So we have expanded to a happy family of four.


3 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

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