A Simple Fix

A couple of months ago my Dad gave me his old camera equipment. A Pentax K1000, a Kiev 88, a light meter, filters, flash, extra lenses…. The one thing that wasn’t in his old camera bag? A camera strap. I didn’t really think it an issue until I realized that I am an active photographer. Most of my pictures are taken of moving objects while moving. I considered making a pretty one for fun but decided that I needed something sturdy rather than pretty. So I found a plain ‘ole strap on sale at Walmart last week – $4! The problem? It’s too thick for the tiny holes on the camera.

So I improvised.

After searching through my house I was able to find 2 jump rings that were unnecessary in their current home. So, I spun them on…..

I attached the strap and started photographing! This simple fix was so convenient for our Katy Trail Bike Ride last week. For the record, I do not recommend bike photography with this camera. Last week I saw Yes Man on tv. Zooey Deschanel leads a photography running club in the movie. She cracks me up. Running and biking photography with a digital camera is super fun but the Pentax requires more concentration on my part.

I can’t wait to start using this camera more. Does anyone know of a good place to send film to be developed? It seems that there are no stores in my area providing this service anymore. Happy Wednesday readers. I’m off to finish off my camera roll!


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