Taking Care of “Organizing the House”

Messy spaces drive me bonkers. Ask my boyfriend. I like for everything I own to have a spot. Books go on certain shelves according to topic, color, size, etc. My clothes have to be hung in color and sleeve length order. My pantry is categorized by food type. The one place in the house that I allow messiness to take over? My junk drawers. So, ready to see something that embarrasses me? Don’t judge me!

Ugh, so happy we got that over with. I bet that everyone has this place within their home whether it’s messy or not. I have three messy drawers in the kitchen by the fridge. They boast my stamps, pens, pencils, tape, scissors, stationery, takeout menus, soy sauce packets, lightbulbs, extension cords, operation manuals, plus several other random things. They are so messy that I can spend 10 minutes in them looking for something in front of my face. How annoying and silly! So it’s time for some straightening up!

I removed everything from the drawers and organized everything into piles. Some things needed to be distributed to their rightful place somewhere else in the house. There was a huge stack of expired coupons, a countless number of dried up pens, and 6 phone books. Who needs 6 phone books? Now, everything is visible and easy to find. I can’t believe how much stuff was trash!

So glad that is done! Yesterday I celebrated my “Golden Birthday!” Age 24 on the 24th. David took me to lunch, bought me a new book, and is taking me on a trip to my family’s river cabin next week. The perfect gift! The cabin is my favorite place in the world! My best friend re-gifted me a birthday card. It’s the “green, eco-friendly” way to say Happy Birthday! And David’s mother sent me the cutest owl measuring spoons. I am love with how colorful they are! They remind me of Carrie, the owl-addicted blogger over at Dream Green DIY.

Next week I am transforming this window that I scored at an antique mall for $5. When I’m finished it is going to be a gorgeous “DIY Memo Chalkboard.”

I’m off to search for a sleepy kitty that likes to squeeze into tight spaces. Japhy has been trying to sniff her out for hours.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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