DIY Memo Chalkboard

Last week I convinced David to go Antique Mall shopping with me. The trip was mostly unsuccessful ending with only one purchase and an idea in the back of my head. I purchased this old window for only $5!

This thing has been painted several times over the years. What to do with it? It would be pretty perfect for another Custom Serving Tray project (notice the tray in the background that I made earlier this year). But I don’t need another tray. I could make a picture frame or jewelry organizer.

In the end, I decided to make a chalkboard for my kitchen! Chalkboard paint is so neat. It’s so versatile. I can’t wait to use it on other projects! I would love to paint a whole kitchen wall in my future house.

Since those are faraway dreams, I have chosen to make one on a smaller scale that is easily moved.

This is paint is super easy to use. The important thing is to keep it mixed and apply several coats.

I attempted to section it off but I didn’t like the final product so I simply painted the whole window. I also considered keeping the white frame but it was stained and dirty so I thought a fresh color would brighten it up.

The lesson I learned? Never let David pick the colors. I hated the bright blue he chose.

In my head I had envisioned a softer color allowing the dark chalkboard to be the main focus of the project.

So much better! But it still needed something so I used this Shanty2Chic tutorial for rolled flowers to jazz it up.

These little guys are super easy to make. The only materials needed? Scraps of fabric and a hot glue gun!

I glued my flowers onto the frame and it was done!

It is such a lovely addition to my beige and brown kitchen. I can’t wait to have normal colored appliances again when we move!

I love making lists. I can’t wait to use this everyday!


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