Summer Bliss

Last weekend we packed up the car and headed toward my favorite place in the world thus far, my family river cabin. There is no internet, no phone reception, no traffic, no neighbors, and, especially, no worries. In place of all these annoying everyday distractions is quality time with friends, delicious food making, time to relax and read a book, compelling conversations, and, most importantly, wonderful memories in the making.

We immediately hit the river, the best place to sit and think while surrounded by the beauty of the water, the woods, noisy bugs, and the breeze.

Japhy became a river dog. He was a fantastic boat rider except when he remembered he was surrounded by a giant water bowl a.k.a. the river. Luckily we managed to keep the boat right side up.

When I was little my family spent so much time on this river. This is where my grandfather taught me how to fish. My brother and I spent our days exploring on the banks and swimming up and down the rapids. The whole family played board games and cards on the porch. My mother was constantly being yelled at, “Hey mom!!! Look at me! I’m swimming. I found a pretty shell. I’m jumping.”

So much has changed since then. The river is wider in spots, the current is faster, roots of fallen trees stick out of the water in different spots. I’m not a little kid anymore. I grew up, went to college, graduated, got a job…. These days all I feel is waves of intense responsibility though. So for 3 days last weekend I acted like a kid again.

I played, fished, swam, read books, explored, and canoed. It was awesome and I think Japhy agreed.

Even Butters explored a bit. Seventeen feet up a tree!

David did his boy thing everyday: building a fire. Seriously, what is the point of building a fire just to look at from the porch? Boys…

At the end of the day there was nothing else to do but rest for tomorrow. It is a hard life to be a spoiled pet. Trust me.

More to come tomorrow!


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