Jumping In

After spending Day 1 at the cabin out of the water because of cold weather we could not wait to swim when it was warm out. Seriously Missouri? What is with this weird May/June weather?

Japhy was definitely ready to swim after rolling in a couple of fresh cow pies. Yuck!

For his first time swimming he did pretty well. He only needed rescuing a few times.

Usually we spend our swimming day jumping off those cliffs behind David but the water was too low. A couple of years ago he jumped off about 20 times.

Turns out commanding the water from the canoe was a good alternative for the boys and the dog.

You are never too old to search for pretty rocks at the river.

What do you think Butters did all day at the cabin? I’m pretty sure my biggest goal in life is to have a screened in porch. They are basically the best thing ever. I think she agrees.

After a long day of swimming nothing is better than grilling tons of food.


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