“Taking Care” of the Body

I have never enjoyed running. I don’t understand the “runner’s high.” All I can think about when running is making it stop asap. But in an effort to keep in shape and exercise my dog I have started running. 

I run on my terms though. I prefer dusk because it is cool outside, fewer cars and people to encounter, and I love the sound of summer night bugs.
The best way to lose/maintain weight is through healthy diet and exercise, especially cardio exercise for 30 minutes to an hour everyday. I love to get my heart rate up in any way I can aside from running. Riding my bike. Dancing in my underwear. Chasing balls with my dog. Hiking. I love it all.
Walking 10,000+ steps a day is also perfect exercise. The best way to keep track? A pedometer!
Want to lose weight? Exercise during your lunch break. Go play at the park like a little kid. Walk your dog. Just get out there and have fun!
Another great exercise? Fishing your cat out of a tree. Can you find that kitten?
No cats were harmed during the writing of this blog post.
Happy Friday!

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