Best Friends, Wine, and Beautiful Scenery

I’m off on holiday! I am so happy to be on my first paid vacation from my job. My stress level had hit the roof so this was definitely in order. I started it off right with a trip to St. Louis to visit my girls from college. We are all excitedly preparing for my friend’s wedding to her boyfriend of 11 years. And what better way to spend a Saturday than “researching” for the upcoming bachelorette party? And by research… I mean hitting the local wineries!

I have spent my whole life in Missouri. It’s so easy to forget how gorgeous it is here. Rolling hills, blue skies, green, green, green everywhere.

We hopped to three different wineries throughout the day. I loved the rustic barn at the second one, Balducci.

This was my first winery experience and it was beyond amazing. Wine tasting, fun atmosphere, nice people, beautiful scenery, and much more. I loved it!

My favorite was the last stop, Blumenhof. From the sassy wine tasting barista, the live music, the lights, the vineyards, the patio… All perfect.

The best way to end a fabulous weekend? In my mom’s arms. I’m spending the rest of the week with family at home. I’m off to celebrate my little brother’s entrance into double digits tomorrow!! My baby brother is 10! Stay tuned for more Down Shannon Lane! – S


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