Family Love

Family is the best medicine. Their love is eternal, their support is unfailing, embarrassing moments are nonexistent, their silence is comforting not awkward, plus about 10 million other reasons. I don’t get to see mine very often so I soak it all up when I do.

I am currently on vacation visiting my entire family. I’m the only one who has moved away from home so it takes one awesome stop to visit every single one of them. The last few days have been filled with conversation, Lego building sessions, giggling, kitty cuddling, happy faces, memorable stories, and, most of all, happiness, particularly when running like wild people through a field.

I love my little brother….

and the rest of the clan.

So here’s my challenge… Whether you live close or far away take an extra moment to appreciate all those loved ones important to you. All it takes is three little words, a gesture of love, a hug, an encouraging e-mail, a smile. It makes all the difference.

And I’m ready to see even more family tomorrow! Stay tuned for more Down Shannon Lane! -S


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