“Taking Care” of the Animals

In our house, if the animals are happy so are we! So for this week’s edition of “Taking Care,” we’re talking about my pets!

It is not hard to keep your pet healthy. With yearly vet visits, monthly tick and heart worm preventative, a healthy diet, exercise, and special attention any animal will be happy. With the addition of Butters to our family we have two long-haired animals in the house which leads to something very important for them: grooming. We shave Japhy a couple of times every summer but it can be expensive so I decided to save money doing it myself!

Japhy is such a good sport for haircuts but he is definitely embarrassed when all the fuzz is gone. Butters will eventually feel his pain when it’s her turn.

Since Butters is an official member of the family she received a name tag which will be important for her indoor-outdoor status once she is spayed.

I grew up on 60 acres of land so our cats simply roamed without collars but I think the blue collar is awful cute in contrast with her black and white fur. Plus it’s very important for her since we live in a neighborhood.

Today we visited the veterinarian and received lots of important information from our awesome vet who explained the importance of spaying and neutering, flea and tick preventative, heart worm tests, a clean smile, healthy organs, and clean ear canals. Veterinarians are so awesome because they know about all the body systems in so many breeds of animals. Plus they make puppies and kitties healthy. That’s hero status in my book!

Japhy and Butters were both given clean bills of health! So we returned home with two sleepy animals during the prettiest summer afternoon rain storm. You know the kind where the sun is out while it’s raining? SOOOO gorgeous!

Japhy was dying to play in the rain.

So the last couple of weeks I have been majorly slacking on projects for you guys. Sorry sorry sorry! I have been so busy either working or majorly enjoying my time off. Don’t worry though fun projects will be coming soon! See you next week Down Shannon Lane! -S


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