A few months ago my dad gave me his old Pentax K1000 and I have FINALLY developed some of the film. He gave it to me with black and white film already loaded so I started practicing hoping that the film was still good. Unfortunately, the film came back blank. Luckily I took photos alongside with my digital camera as I have been attempting to master the old camera. However I was surprised with a lovely set of photos from my trip to the cabin.


There is something to mysteriously exciting about using film cameras in the digital age. I am encouraged to be so much more thoughtful with composition, lighting, and focus when I take pictures manually. Here are a few of my favorites from the roll. The first one was taken by my friend Jack.


I absolutely love this next one. It is the epitome of lazy river day.

I think I need to start taking notes so that I can learn more about focus, aperture, f-stop, zoom, etc. This next one is overexposed but I love it.

The next two are my adorable animals taken with my digital camera. Helping your best buddy stay clean is definitely important…

until you are too tired to keep going.

I think with more practice and experimentation the Pentax will be mastered. Can’t wait to keep learning!


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