The View from your Window

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, a condo or a fifth floor walk-up, chances are you have a window separating you from the outside world. Is your view of the street? Another house? A green, tree-shaded backyard? If you’re lucky, the beach or the mountains? My view showcases the street in front of my house situated among several houses of varying sizes.

Out the back is my huge backyard. If you focus on everything close to the house, you will find two leaning trees, beautiful flowers, a cool place to relax on our porch, green (well, not so green at the moment) grass, blue skies, etc.

It may not be the most magnificent view but to us it’s gorgeous. We’ve made all kinds of memories here and now that we’re getting ready to move I am opening my eyes to the beauty that surrounds this house. What do you find out your window? Can you find something that makes your view magical, beautiful, or one-of-a-kind? I dare you to open your eyes and look. You may be surprised.


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