Nostalgia is setting in. Today is the last day of my job and tomorrow we move. I have spent at least 40 hours every week for the last two years working with two amazing young men who have developmental disabilities. I have experienced joy, happiness, struggle, patience, impatience, frustration, laughter, annoyance, and just about every other emotion in the last 2 years. Some days were awesome, some were beyond horrible. But I wouldn’t change anything. Okay, maybe I would erase a couple bad days off the map. When I took the job after college I expected to make money for a year so I could move on. Then I fell for the boys, made a great friend, and was hooked. This move is fueled by a desire to use my degree, live in a larger city, and be closer to family. But if I could move my work family with me I definitely would. I am going to miss them like crazy!

It’s going to be bittersweet leaving but I am ready for the next chapter in my life. Bring it on world!


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