DIY Mosaic Table

I am so excited about the project that I’m sharing today! I am still job-less except for temporary positions here and there so I am pinching my pennies anywhere that I can. This means I’m only shelling out my precious clams for things that I definitely need such as paying rent for my home, a couple of bills, and groceries. Therefore, I have been spending my days creating free fun! Going on walks around the neighborhood with the pup, checking out books from the very close nearby library, digging out gift cards to use for any purchases, and, most importantly, crafting only with things that I already have on hand. So get ready because this awesome project was completely free!

Want to see where this project started and how it turned out?

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Baking a Tie-Dye Cake

My vivaciously sweet niece turned 4 last weekend and what did she request for her birthday? “Cake and socks!,” she happily exclaimed. So my sister asked me to bake a tie-dyed cake for the family party and I could not wait to have fun baking. I have seen tie-dyed cakes on a couple of foodie blogs and they look like so much fun but I have never had an occasion to bake one up. Well, a four year’s old birthday is the perfect occasion!

Want to learn how to make the cake that my little niece can’t keep her eyes off of?

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Six Years

I have known my best friend for six years now. It feels like just yesterday that we were meeting in the cafeteria at college. Not much has changed since then. We barely even look different. Thanks to our luck we have barely aged in 6 years. Actually, if we are being honest with ourselves we’ve barely aged since high school. Ready for our very first picture together taken a couple of days after meeting?

We can’t wait until the big anniversary next week! That’s right, I was wooed by him in one week. Little did I know that 6 years later we’d be living together, paying bills together, and planning our future together with our own little family in tow. Love those little additions to the family!

Get ready to see David and Shannon through the years next week!

There are Many Kinds of Ships But the Best Ship of all is Friendship

I love when the culmination of months of excitement turns into the perfect day with your best friends. In other words, I attended an awesome bachelorette party over the weekend!

This wedding has been a long time coming, I cannot wait to see the bachelorette marry her best friend of 12 years next month! The lovely woman with the crown on is one of my best friend’s from college, Leah. Her fiancée was my boyfriend’s fraternity big brother, so she and the maid of honor have always been big sisters to me and I am so happy to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!

Read on to see where we journeyed!

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Clearing My Head

Searching for a new career sucks. There are so many things that I would LOVE to do but gaining the experience requires experience. It’s the biggest Catch-22 (reading that book right now btw). After filling out hundreds of applications over the last couple of weeks I decided that it was time to clear my head to come up with a new attack plan. So we went to my family cabin to relax away from cell phone service, internet, and people. And it was amazing! Can I get a job relaxing on a river?

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DIY Chandelier

A couple of months ago my college friend forced herself to purge her craft supplies before graduating and moving. Lucky for me she purged them at my house!

Thanks Claire!

She had plans for a couple of these items that had never come to fruition so I quickly adopted them as my own goals. The strainer, she picked up at a thrift store with the plan to make a chandelier with the next photo as an inspiration.

Want to see what her inspiration turned into?

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DIY Soap Dispenser

I have discovered the most versatile crafting container! Ok, I didn’t technically discover it but everyone else has and they are popular! You can drink out of them, burn candles in them, put soap in them, store things in them, and, use them for their original intent, canning food. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about mason jars!





Want to see what I created with a mason jar?

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My Outdoor Room

Our new house may be small but the yard is huge. The whole lot is .25 acres. That is a lot of fun space that we did not have before. So I have been racking my brains on how to personalize the yard a little bit. I was thinking lanterns, hammock, fire pit, table, colorful bunting, flowers…the works! The problem? This house is a rental and I so did not budget for a wonderful backyard. A girl can dream though.

Want to see what I settled on for the first step of my makeover?

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Keeping On Track

We moved 2 weeks ago and I am still on the job hunt. I didn’t expect it to be easy to find a new career but I hoped it wouldn’t be difficult. As is my attitude with everything I have maintained a spirit of optimism by developing several goals to keep myself focused.

My life runs so much more smoothly when I have a developed schedule so, rather than waste this “vacation” of sorts, I left little time to be bored. This morning when I jumped out of bed I started at the top of the list! Exercise!

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Reason #1 Why I Actually Like Moving

My favorite part of moving is making a new house so perfectly “ME.” I’ll get back to that topic soon. First and foremost, each and every month I happily await the day my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine arrives. I am immediately enamored with the photos of gorgeous homes, wonderful gardens, and simple fashions. Not because I want to steal style ideas or model my house after others but because I am fascinated by others’ style and I love clean spaces. My favorite way to view the magazine is by tearing out the spreads I like to make my own book.

In each magazine I carefully tear out the spreads and put them in page protectors in this binder. I put it on my bookshelf so I can thumb through it without the ads whenever I want. Read on to see a couple of my favorite spreads.

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