“Taking Care” of House Plants

I love, love, love having plants around the house. They brighten up the shelves, improve air quality, and they offer health and wellness benefits. During the move we lost a couple of our house plants so when decorating this week I grabbed some new plants to distribute around the house. My favorites? Succulents!

Want to see what I did with these? Read on!

I picked a myriad of plants to spread between 2 pots. The best thing about succulents? They are very low maintenance. They need to be generously watered at least once a week, placed in low and indirect light, and kept warm during the winter months. These plants are all from Africa so warm weather is definitely important (but this ridiculously hot weather is way too hot). Succulents hold lots of water in their stems which contributes to their easy care. If you forget to water for a couple of weeks they simply water themselves! The swollen appearance of their stems is why I like the look of this plant.

Once I had my pots and plants ready I decided where to put them. I chose to plant the one on the right by itself because it described a need to be in well-draining soil whereas the others did not describe that specific need.

When potting plants it’s important to keep the roots intact. Since I potted 3 plants together I arranged them with room to grow until I repot them next year. Repotting your plants every year is important, even if it’s in the same pot. It gives the roots fresh soil and compost in order to thrive for another year.

Next I scattered them throughout the house with my other plants. In a 1989 NASA Clean Air Study it was determined that it is important to have at least 1 plant for every 100 sq. ft. in your home. Our new house has 800 sq. ft. and we have 6 house plants. I feel very happy about that ratio and the brightness brought to our home by these plants.

The last important thing? Keep your critters out of them. Cats are known for digging so keep your plants on high shelves or with tape over the pots until they’re trained to stay away. Our 4 month old little guy? Still obsessed with playing and digging. Also, make sure your plants are safe for your animals to be around or possibly chew on. Several house plants are poisonous and should not be ingested by animals. Luckily Butters simply enjoys playing with the leaves on our plants but a little Google research will help you avoid a costly vet trip.

The new house is nearly ready for its big debut! See you next week!


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