Reason #1 Why I Actually Like Moving

My favorite part of moving is making a new house so perfectly “ME.” I’ll get back to that topic soon. First and foremost, each and every month I happily await the day my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine arrives. I am immediately enamored with the photos of gorgeous homes, wonderful gardens, and simple fashions. Not because I want to steal style ideas or model my house after others but because I am fascinated by others’ style and I love clean spaces. My favorite way to view the magazine is by tearing out the spreads I like to make my own book.

In each magazine I carefully tear out the spreads and put them in page protectors in this binder. I put it on my bookshelf so I can thumb through it without the ads whenever I want. Read on to see a couple of my favorite spreads.

I do not consider myself much of a fashionista. I wear clothes that I am comfortable in. As far as style goes, whether it’s how you dress or how you decorate your home, I think it’s important for you to be comfortable and happy. That is why I love this next fashion ad. With a small collection of signature pieces you can have a whole wardrobe, or at least 31 days of a wardrobe.

When decorating this new house I took into account “Our” style. David and I have lived together for 2 years now and this is our second house. Our previous home had all the same stuff in it but it took a while for us to mesh everything together. So when I unpacked everything for this house I took care to decorate and arrange using our collective style which would mostly be described as comfortable, with cool colors, featuring natural wood, and decorated with books, photos, and plants.

I love the character of this house which was built in 1947. It has the original hardwood floors, arched doorways, and a huge bay window. The tan wall color, which was already on the walls, suits our green and brown color palette perfectly.

If you remember the style of our old living room, you will notice our new couch. I am so happy be rid of our old green velvet couch! This new one was given to us by my mom’s friend. Down feather couch = most comfortable thing ever!

The small galley kitchen has black and white tile floors straight out of the 50’s.

I was very excited use my shower curtain from college again. Our last house had a glass door. The colors on the curtain light room up so beautifully in the morning with the sun shining through. The floors in here are also black and white tile and I love the pedestal sink and silver metal storage shelf.

For our bedroom I faced the daunting task of designing a room that wasn’t too feminine. The bedspread has a delicate floral pattern but I added a few touches of David here and there to make the room more masculine.

The house is much smaller than our last one. I can see the front door from our bedroom but I like the cozy feeling I get in this house.

Our second bedroom, designated as the guest room, is nearly done. I have developed a “Monica” of the show Friends attitude about the room. Think comment cards, mints on the pillow, and more cutesy guest room stuff. The unveiling will be next week!

While I admired the finished house today, Butters had a very eventful afternoon where she caught a fly, ate it, and napped after exerting so much energy.

After the long week of moving we were so excited to make yummy dinner last night with David’s new grill. Turkey burgers and sugar snap peas!


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