Keeping On Track

We moved 2 weeks ago and I am still on the job hunt. I didn’t expect it to be easy to find a new career but I hoped it wouldn’t be difficult. As is my attitude with everything I have maintained a spirit of optimism by developing several goals to keep myself focused.

My life runs so much more smoothly when I have a developed schedule so, rather than waste this “vacation” of sorts, I left little time to be bored. This morning when I jumped out of bed I started at the top of the list! Exercise!

My parents, who live a short jaunt of 15 minutes away now, live on 60 acres of awesome hiking fun. I have been exploring every nook and cranny since before I can remember. Climbing on hay bales every year, walks with the family after dinner, learning how to drive through the fields on an atv, searching for frogs in the creek, hanging out with friends, fishing in the pond, learning how to hunt with my grandfather and brother, watching the sunset, first kisses…

Although the temperature was in the mid 90’s, it felt like 70’s compared to the triple digit scorchers we’ve been experiencing this year. The cool breeze and cloudy skies were perfect for an early afternoon hike.

 Japhy, of course, raced around like a mad man and was covered in cockleburs within minutes. But the time spent picking them off was worth it for the big smile.

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Weeds are pretty too.

Even with that cool breeze, the sun was hot, hot, HOT! So we all raced toward air conditioning.

There’s nothing better than tired paws after a long day of exercise and play.

As for the rest of the list…. It shaped up well throughout the day. Can’t wait for more tomorrow. As evidenced here and here, lists are vitally important to my schedule. How do you stay focused during your free time?


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