DIY Soap Dispenser

I have discovered the most versatile crafting container! Ok, I didn’t technically discover it but everyone else has and they are popular! You can drink out of them, burn candles in them, put soap in them, store things in them, and, use them for their original intent, canning food. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about mason jars!





Want to see what I created with a mason jar?

Last year I bought a bunch of mason jars to do projects with. I was so excited because all of the cute inspiring posts I had seen on my favorite blogs. So I made salt and pepper shakers.

Then I let them sit on a shelf in my garage until our recent move reminded me of the exciting potential for them! The other half of this project came my way about six months ago when I found a soap dispenser on sale for $0.50. I picked it up knowing that I would come up with a fun makeover project. 

Well that project failed. I wanted to mod podge the blue fabric around the base but it just didn’t turn out so I ditched the base and saved the valuable part, the dispenser. When I found the mason jars during the move I knew that I could make an adorable soap dispenser so I gathered up the supplies and set to work.

This project was soooooo easy. It took me very little time and only a couple of supplies for an adorable product.

First, use a nail to create a hole in your lid.

You want to make the hole big enough for your dispenser to sit comfortably. It doesn’t matter if the hole is pretty. Mine turned out a bit awkward shaped.

Next warm up your hot glue gun to secure the dispenser to the lid. Don’t have a hot glue gun? Buy one! They are very cheap and useful or you could use super glue.

It’s okay if your glue is a bit messy. I cleaned mine up with an Exacto knife then took it outside to spray paint.

After the paint dried, I poured my soap in, and stood back to admire the finished product!

When I put in the bathroom I realized it’s a bit bland. Yeah, it’s cute in the mason jar and the turquoise soap looks nice but I wanted a little more color. Last year I dressed up these mason jars for storage in the bathroom and I wanted the dispenser to match them more.

So I picked out the fabric that matched my storage jars and tied them around for a cute touch.

I am so happy with the final product! It is perfect sitting on the beautiful pedestal sink in our bathroom. Such an easy project that looks great when done!

I still have 20 jars left! Tune back in to see how I will transform the rest of them here DownShannonLane!


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