DIY Chandelier

A couple of months ago my college friend forced herself to purge her craft supplies before graduating and moving. Lucky for me she purged them at my house!

Thanks Claire!

She had plans for a couple of these items that had never come to fruition so I quickly adopted them as my own goals. The strainer, she picked up at a thrift store with the plan to make a chandelier with the next photo as an inspiration.

Want to see what her inspiration turned into?

Our new house has a couple of plant hooks in the ceiling and I just knew a fun chandelier would look gorgeous hanging from one of them. So I dug through my craft supplies to find the strainer and set to work.

I decided to make my chandelier colorful using supplies that I had on hand. For this, I went to the kitchen and pulled out my foil and wax paper. I believe in the power of 3’s so I also pulled out some plain printer paper. Using a 2 inch circle paper-cutter I began to cut my circles.

I wanted to use ribbon to hang the circles but in an effort to save money using things I already had on hand, I settled for some craft rope hot glued to my circles.

I used 5 inch, 7 inch, and 9 inch lengths of string so that my circles would hang at various heights. Then I set to work hanging them!

This project was all kinds of interesting to Butters, who barely left my side.

After making lots and lots and lots of circles, sustaining a couple of burns from my hot glue gun, and lots of dealing with my arms falling asleep as I strung the circles, the chandelier started to take shape. Although the boyfriend disagreed, describing it as “that metal thing with paper and foil hanging in the corner looks weird. What is it?” It’s a chandelier!

After staring at it for a couple of days I have decided that I love it! The “weird metal thing” comments must have gotten to me. I realized that the circles might have laid flatter if I had used ribbon but I like the chunky, messy look of it.

Thanks Claire for the strainer and inspiration! I hope the outcome is what you imagined!


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