There are Many Kinds of Ships But the Best Ship of all is Friendship

I love when the culmination of months of excitement turns into the perfect day with your best friends. In other words, I attended an awesome bachelorette party over the weekend!

This wedding has been a long time coming, I cannot wait to see the bachelorette marry her best friend of 12 years next month! The lovely woman with the crown on is one of my best friend’s from college, Leah. Her fiancée was my boyfriend’s fraternity big brother, so she and the maid of honor have always been big sisters to me and I am so happy to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!

Read on to see where we journeyed!

Not a lot has changed from college…..

to now!

Back to the bachelorette party, we started out with a couple of presents then headed to the Blumenhof Winery in Dutzow, Missouri.

A couple of months ago we scoped out wineries and chose Blumenhof because of the diverse wine choices, the ability to bring our own snacks, and the fact that there is no fee for large parties. So with 14 girls in tow we invaded the winery and unfortunately scared a few people who weren’t in the mood for giggly girls and scandalous conversation.

The brides goblet says, “Bachelorette Bitch.” Embarrassing her was definitely on the agenda for the day.

We played a fun game of sassy Scattergories and finished several bottles of wine throughout the afternoon.

Bride and Maid of Honor love is always important. The Maid of Honor threw an awesome shindig!

It was an amazing day with even more amazing friends! In one month the four of us will be walking down the aisle.

The Bridal Party

So excited to be a part of such a fun bridal party in what will be a beautiful wedding!


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