Baking a Tie-Dye Cake

My vivaciously sweet niece turned 4 last weekend and what did she request for her birthday? “Cake and socks!,” she happily exclaimed. So my sister asked me to bake a tie-dyed cake for the family party and I could not wait to have fun baking. I have seen tie-dyed cakes on a couple of foodie blogs and they look like so much fun but I have never had an occasion to bake one up. Well, a four year’s old birthday is the perfect occasion!

Want to learn how to make the cake that my little niece can’t keep her eyes off of?

This is such an easy cake to make! Simply mix up some vanilla cake batter (homemade or box mix). Split your batter into several bowls, depending on the number of desired layers, and dye the batter.

Harper requested pink, purple, yellow, and green, and told me that blue is yuck.

Pour your batter into greased cake pans in a bullseye shape. Don’t worry, minimal spreading of the batter will not ruin your design.

Bake, cool, then frost! See how easy that was?

The birthday girl couldn’t wait to blow out the candles. I remember being four… One track mind!

My sis bought these awesome candles whose flames are the same color as the candle. So cool!

After divvying up a few pieces the tie-dye design was revealed and it turned out amazing!  I am so happy the colors stayed separate, which was my biggest worry.

So much fun! Everyone approved, including the most important guest.

To end the party we made balloon animals.

But mostly we let balloons fly around the room. Way more fun!

I dare you to make this amazing cake for your next event. Just as delicious as plain ole’ vanilla cake but way more fun!


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