DIY Mosaic Table

I am so excited about the project that I’m sharing today! I am still job-less except for temporary positions here and there so I am pinching my pennies anywhere that I can. This means I’m only shelling out my precious clams for things that I definitely need such as paying rent for my home, a couple of bills, and groceries. Therefore, I have been spending my days creating free fun! Going on walks around the neighborhood with the pup, checking out books from the very close nearby library, digging out gift cards to use for any purchases, and, most importantly, crafting only with things that I already have on hand. So get ready because this awesome project was completely free!

Want to see where this project started and how it turned out?

Last month my mom offered me this table for my new house. Her friend’s cat had taken to the wicker that accents the table (Butters developed an interest as well). I happily accepted the piece knowing that I could find a fun way to clean it up. I wasn’t sure where to place it in my own home but I was certain that I could transform it. I figured that I could keep it if I liked it enough or give it as a gift if I couldn’t find a spot.

It was definitely in bad shape though.

First things first….removing all the wicker. This involved a curious kitten as an assistant. Did I mention that she was great at helping throw things away?

I have no idea why Japhy decided to watch me work in this odd position. Weirdo.

Anyways…. back to the table!

I sanded down the legs and sides where the wicker had left glue residue.

Then I painted the table a crisp white which I had leftover from my DIY Custom Serving Tray.

Once everything was painted I stood back to look at my progress and decide what I would do with this plain slate. The shape is great and it barely needed to be cleaned up. So what was I going to do with this little table? It would be a great plant stand or a table for cute odds and ends. Then I had a lightbulb moment. My college friend recently gave me some old supplies as you recently read about here. They included some beautiful glass tiles which I thought would look completely perfect on this table.

I made templates of my tabletop and laid out my tiles to start brainstorming. I had tiny colorful tiles that were appealing, random patterned tile that simply wasn’t jiving with my vision, and I had leftover tile from my DIY Custom Serving Tray project.

After sifting through all of my options I chose to use the colorful tiles and break a cheap mirror to tile with. Luckily I’m not superstitious!

I also had grout leftover from my DIY Custom Serving Tray. This project is still costing me no moolah! Woo hoo! Luckily it had not dried out so I plopped it on the table and started spreading with my trowel. I like to use gloves while using grout so that my hands can stay mess free until cleanup.

Then I started placing my tiles.

I did not take very many “during” pictures because I didn’t want the grout to dry but I am so happy with the outcome. So I had to wait just 24 hours until I could finish it up by grouting over.

Now insert “Wheel of Fortune” music to simulate drying time.

While we wait for this to dry would you like to see what was going on the entire time I was working on this project? My animals are stinkers.

This is what our house always looks like. Still and quiet. Then whoosh!!!! Here comes Butters!

She also loves to spring high into the air.

Now back to our original programming!

The tiles are set. Time to set the grout and seal it. If you’re worried about grouting and tiling for a project like this, don’t be! It is so simple. After only a couple of projects I feel confident that I could totally master tiling a kitchen backsplash or a shower. Again I threw on my gloves to spread my grout. Since all my tiles sat at different depths this was the easiest plan to avoid clumping or covering up some of my tiles completely.

Once all your tile is covered use a large sponge or rag to remove the grout. Don’t worry about wringing your sponge out in the sink everything will run smoothly down the drain aside from a few sand particles that remain in your basin which can be easily washed away. Please read the directions on the side of the grout you buy just in case though.

You can wipe up away the tiles right away as I did above. However, this can be a huge headache. Typically you can wait about 4 hours to wipe that haze right off your tile. Again check the directions on your grout. I used an old paintbrush to get the haze off in a snap.

Want to see the finished product?!

Japhy is a better model than the table!

I decided to leave one of the wicker braids and I love the fun detail that it adds!

For now it has found a home in the corner of our bay window. I love the way the sun comes in to bounce off the colorful tiles. Also it doesn’t take up much space therefore not distracting from the beautiful view of my favorite feature of the new house.

I definitely love the new piece of beautiful furniture. I can’t wait to style it and begin using it. Stay tuned for more Down Shannon Lane next week! I hope you all enjoy a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.


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