Amping up the Curb Appeal

We have officially lived in the new house for a month now!! Whew, how time flies! It didn’t take me very long to settle in and decorate on the inside of the house and I also did a little bit of decorating on the outside. But because of the drought we hadn’t worried about the yard. No mowing, no weeding, no planting, no watering. That is until last week’s rain rolled through Missouri dumping lots of rain and turning the flower bed in front of our bay window into a yucky, weedy mess!

Want to see what I did about it?

Here is what the house looked like on move-in day…..

to now……

Eww yuck!!!!

The other side still looks great though. Here’s move-in day….

to now….

Not much change meaning I only have to tackle one side. That other side sure was covered though…..

I had a tiny audience the entire time I was working.

See that vine on the mailbox? That is Morning Glory, a super nasty weed that was attempting to choke out the beautiful rose-bush and small pine tree bush in the bed. Its invasive roots were spread throughout the bed which is a major problem that could derail my bulb planting plans if not handled properly. Here’s what this website has to say about this weed, “This weedy vine will twine all over … covering your plants to the point of smothering them. Its success as a weed lies in its thick fleshy roots which travel long distances just under the soil surface. … Since morning-glory is a perennial weed, control lies in removing the root system. Hand weeding can remove large quantities of roots, but any broken pieces are capable of sprouting new growth. Repeated, persistent digging as the new growth sprouts can deplete the food reserves. …” So that’s what I was dealing with……

Digging up the whole bed? Sounds fun!!!…. On the bright side, I sweated out a lot of toxins and certainly got my heart rate up. Who knew that pulling weeds was such exercise?!

Tips for weeding:

  1. Pull early in the morning or evening when the ground is damp. Better yet, pull after it has rained like I did. Or water then pull weeds after the water has seeped into the ground.
  2. Pull as close to the roots as possible. If you don’t pull the roots your weeds will simply grow back.
  3. For weeds with invasive root systems (similar to what I was dealing with) use a trowel or shovel to dig out the roots.
  4. For weeds like dandelions that don’t have a complex root system apply pressure a the base of the weed and pull straight up.
  5. Pour boiling water over nasty weeds. It is inexpensive and effective. The heat will kill weed growth by scalding the plant.
  6. Garden tools such as hoes, trowels, and shovels are very useful.
  7. Wear gloves and eyewear for safety.
  8. Do your best. You can’t get them all!

This process was DIRTY!! So, I do not have any other during pictures except for my bin full of weeds. Now that’s a happy sight! I emptied this thing in the back corner of our yard 4 times!

See that rose-bush in the picture above. I only managed to get myself pricked once! Success! Once I had pulled or dug up all of my weeds, I decided to try the boiling water technique I mentioned above on a few weeds stuck between the rocks. I used my watering can to distribute the water so I wouldn’t burn myself. I also used pot holders to hold the watering can. I’m pretty sure the neighbors think that I’m crazy.

Want to see if my hard work paid off?

I picked up some mums for $4 to accent some yellow planters that I already had. I’m loving the color they add and especially loving the lack of weeds on the left side of the after photo.

So happy with the outcome! My big plan is to plant some bulbs this fall. The bones of a beautiful garden are there and with a little hard work and elbow grease I will be excitedly awaiting some colorful spring flowers!

Now let’s just hope that I got them all!! I am loving the curb appeal and I can’t wait to plant some bulbs in a month!


5 thoughts on “Amping up the Curb Appeal

  1. Looks wonderful! Definately worth all your hard work. Sweat is good and when you see results like a cleaned up garden, it is fun. Good Job, now you get to enjoy the view from your bay window.

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