Cuteness Overload

Last year I made this HUGE (try 3 times his size) dog bed for Japhy. He had always slept on the floor in our bedroom so I thought he might like a cushy place to rest. But what did the little stinker do?! He slept right next to it instead! He also simultaneously yearned for tennis balls he had lost underneath the bed….

For months he slept next to it only leaving a small indentation on one side from leaning against it. What a crazy pup! I mean this is my brat of a dog who has been known to sleep on top of a pillow pile on the couch. And he doesn’t want to enjoy an awesome fluffy pillow?!

So since the big move has left us with a smaller bedroom the “dog” bed has resided under the bed until last week when I decided to lean on it while making my DIY Mosaic Table. And guess who subsequently claimed if for herself?

She doesn’t care that the fabric say, “Woof Woof,” “Good Dog!,” “Bow-wow-wow,” etc. She doesn’t care that it’s 10 times her size. In fact that makes it WAY more awesome. So this puppy bed has officially become a kitty throne! I don’t blame her. I would love curling up on it if I was that small.

Would you like to make your own puppy kitty bed? It is soooo simple! I bought 2 yards of fabric (one with silly writing and the other a plain blue) then sewed it up like a giant pillow. All you do is face the right sides of the fabric toward each other, then sew around the edge leaving a gap to put in your stuffing. Turn it right side out then stuff it with LOTS of batting. I wanted mine to be very fluffy so I waited to sew up my gap until I was satisfied with the fluffiness. Luckily my puppy is not a stuffing chewer or this wouldn’t have worked. After you have the desired fluffiness you can sew up your gap and ENJOY!!!

It is so comfy that sleeping kitties are very angry when awoken. Actually they yawn…

Of course, now that someone else likes it Japhy wants it back.

Luckily, he’s very good at sharing with his little sister.

Readers, please return to your regularly scheduled day after that cuteness overload. Feel free to return often to see these adorable cuties.


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