Cheers to Six Years

David and I celebrated our sixth anniversary yesterday! Sheesh, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. We met each other on the 3rd day of college and started dating a week later. Through thick and thin, he has been the best decision I have made in my life thus far. It just seems like yesterday that we were bright-eyed, ambitious 18 year olds ready to start college.

It’s been 6 years or 72 months or 312 weeks or 2191 days or 52,594 hours since he asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Since that moment….

We made it through 1 fraternity pledge season each…

a 14 inch difference in height….

6 freezing cold Missouri winters….

and 10 drunken fraternity formal’s.

We traveled 1041.4 miles to an Arctic Monkeys concert in Minnesota.

Then, on the way home, we survived, with smiles on, 1 nasty car wreck.

We spent 239 days of long distance living 166.2 miles apart….

and 2 summers 250 miles apart.

We had lots of fun in college, at approximately 350 parties…

I took him to my family cabin that was 200 miles away for the 1st time 3 years ago. Since then we’ve gone 8 times. You can read more about the other adventures at the cabin herehere, and here.

Finally, after 4 years or 1461 days I graduated with 144 hours of class credit and  6 hours credit from a study abroad trip over 6,000 miles away to Greece.

In those 4 years I moved 9 times and he moved 6 times within a 2 mile radius before we ended up with all our stuff in the same house. Then we waited 55 days, discussed dogs for 30 minutes, and had our very own fuzzy puppy 10 hours later for $75.

We celebrated our 1st Christmas as a tiny family 2 years ago.

We traveled 320 miles 3 times to see the New York Yankees play.

We spent $65 in cheap hotel rooms and lost $40 at the Ameristar Casino.

We bought $100 worth of wood and spent 2 weeks building an entertainment center that took me 1 month to design. Then we spent 2 hours arguing about how to put together before smiling for 1 picture.

We found an 8 week old, 1.5 lb kitten in the street in front of our house 3.5 months ago. Now she is nearly 6 months old weighing in at 5 lbs of mischief. It only took 1 week for David, the dog lover, to fall in love with a kitten.

Last month we moved 250 miles away from where we met and started our life together in Kirksville, MO. 250 miles away from where we had both spent approximately 88% of the last 6 years together. For the big move we traveled a total of 2,000 miles on 5 trips with 5 truckloads to our new city which is 91% bigger. Population 15,000 competing with 160,000.

David has had 11 jobs in the last years compared to my 4. (He’s a job whore.) We both started blogs six months ago in March 2012. 85 posts ago I introduced myself. Now I am introducing the whole family in our first picture with all 4 of us.

Here’s to six more years of memories with my best friend and our tiny family.


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